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Sexual Health Safeguarding Talks

By Sarah-Jane Morris

Dip Hyp CS, Dip CP, Ad Dip Cp, ISVA

Aimed at schools/ organisations that educate Children from 12 years of age. This safeguarding health talk is suitable for children from Year 9, year 10 and upward in Secondary School.

“ I believe that teenagers and young adults are getting the wrong message from society and it is important that we, as adults educate as many children to understand the weaknesses that can get them into a vulnerable situation. Preventing years of upset and shame both for the victim and their family’s.”

Programme consists:

15-minute talk about grooming,

The difference between rape and sexual assault.

 “No Means no”

15 minute “Sick Party” DVD

This DVD shows how two young girls have been groomed. This talk is enough to make our children think before they do. Flagging up the dangers, the tricks, and the consequences of their actions.

If you are interested in Sarah-Jane coming along to your School then phone for an appointment to discuss the talk and to see the DVD to fully understand the Content and the benefits towards safeguarding your children.

This is a difficult subject to approach – the talk is normally given separately to each gender, divided into year groups. Words will be adapted for each age group and permission from parents will be sort.

Cost: to the school or organisation £50 per 30 minute talk given.

Sarah-Jane has worked with victims of Sexual Abuse for over 7 years either by Counselling or as an Independent Sexual Violence Advocate. Supporting those who have experienced Sexual Abuse, Rape or Sexual Assault through no fault of their own. Sarah-Jane has also been in a position where she has helped support victims through the court process being aware of the Law.

This subject is sensitive but unless we address this subject many young children will fall victim to this growing problem